Flashy Electric-Blue Labradorite Pendant

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Flashy Electric-Blue Labradorite Pendant – The stone is deep blue color that changes depending on the light source and angle it’s viewed from.



Flashy Electric-Blue Labradorite Pendant

The stone is electric-blue color that changes depending on the light source and angle it’s viewed from.
wrapped in solid copper, and with hammered copper parts, patinated and polished to give it a more antique and magical look. It comes with a 58 cm long chain that is also patinated and polished. The Pendant is 10.5 cm long.

Item care: This item has been antiqued, so DO NOT use jewelry cleaning solutions on it or you will remove the polished patina (and it will look like raw copper again). However, it can accumulate further tarnish – so try to limit contact with lotions, soaps or anything moist. Always make sure to remove jewelry before bed and never wear in the shower, swimming or anywhere else it may come in contact with water. If it becomes overly tarnished, you can use a jewelry polishing cloth to gently buff away any excess tarnish (just remember – no cleaning solutions).

Physically: The Labrardorite is used for joint and bone diseases. This stone strengthens the muscles and the spine and has a positive influence on rheumatic diseases. It strengthens the immune system and activates the body’s self-healing powers. It helps the body with deacidification and prevents gout.

Healing effects on the psyche: Labradorite has very strong calming and balancing properties on the soul and helps with a quick temper, relieves outbursts of anger.

Read more about Labradorite in our Guide of Healing Crystals We will be updating it very often with new crystals and their effects.

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Weight 29 g


Blue, Copper

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