2021 April Collection – Copper-Silver pendants with Labradorite and Tanzanite

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Tanzanite generates an energy of happiness and relief from worries, allowing insight into emotional issues without the need to dwell on them unnecessarily. It inspires one in feeling more compassionate, loving and centered. [Ahsian, 393]…just right for these times

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Copper-Silver Pendants with Labradorite and Tanzanite

The April collection 2021.
5 Different Soldered Copper pendants for your choice.

Handmade with love and purpose — as Labradorite stimulates inner awareness, bringing one closer to discovering true self. It helps to unfold ones true-life purpose.
Tanzanite’s high vibrational energy and shifting colors raises one’s consciousness, linking to the angelic realms, spirit guides, Ascended Masters and Christ consciousness.
Meditating with Amazonite brings a keen awareness of everything to the consciousness. It inspires one to listen to and integrate all aspects of the self, and because it is a stone of truth, one can trust the visions, dreams and intuitions that surface while working with Amazonite. [Simmons, 22]

Read more about Labradoriteand Amazonite in our Guide of Healing Crystals We will be updating it very often with new crystals and their effects.

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Kyklop, Andromeda, Purple-Blue Lightning, Venus, Sunset-Beach


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