Save the Bees Silver Ring 1

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Save the Bees Silver Ring 1 – lovely gift for the gardener, bee keeper or for yourself, just because you want to save the bees!



Save the Bees Silver Ring 1

This lovely “Save the Bees” Ring is a hand made polished sterling silver that is oxidized and hand buffed to bring out depth and detail. It has a nicely detailed honey bee sitting on the honeycomb bezel of the high dome Citrine stone.

This product is also available on Back-order so if the size you need is not on stock, it will appear available on backorder mentioned on your cart position. That means I will make it as soon as possible and deliver it. Generally between 3-5 working days + shipping time.

It can be a lovely gift for the gardener, bee keeper or for yourself, just because you want to save the bees!

Each sold “Save the Bees” Jewelry will animate me to build more and more bee hotels for wild bees. I´m not interested to harvest honey, I just would love to help the bees survive and have a nice place in our garden. I have lots of Lavender and other flowers that are preferred by bees. And I already have built 3 bee hotels, the fourth is in making. That will be a bigger one.

As it is commonly known, the Mayan religion was largely centered around nature. They as people of many other culture, believed that a special, universal force could be found within all living things, linking together everything in the cosmos. An important species in their belief system were bees. They were referred as symbols of fertility and even had their own deity: Ah-Muzen-Kab.

Bees were also associated strongly with Demeter, the goddess of farming and the earth and with Aristaeus, who is the god of beekeeping. Honey was considered to be a drink of the gods, as well as symbolic of knowledge and wisdom, while Druids considered the bee to represent fertility, personal power and community.

Read more about Citrine in our Guide of Healing Crystals We will be updating it very often with new crystals and their effects.

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Weight 12 g
Ring Size

US Size 6 / Diameter 16.5 mm, US Size 7 / Diameter 17.3 mm, US Size 8 / Diameter 18.1 mm, US Size 9 / Diameter 19.0 mm


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