about yulahu

Many Years Passion Jewelry

Hi, I´m Julianna – yulahu

proud mom of three grown up kids and still a kid myself as far as curiosity and fun is concerned

Did you ever met a kid collecting stones everywhere it goes?

Such a kid I was myself.
I grew up in the mysterious Transylvania and don´t need to tell you, there were enough stones to fill my pockets with them.

Nothing changed since I´m an adult, just that I increased the zone from where I collect now minerals and stones, and I don´t store them in my pockets.

I taught myself to create jewelry with them using different techniques.

Only the Best

Jewels & Materials for you


All that I use to make the jewelry from, I chose from all over the world, but not just based on their form and color, I love to learn about them a bit more. Not long after I started my studies in alternative medicine, I learned about the healing energies of different minerals and stones, and understood why sometimes I feel that a stone really “wants to come with me 🙂 .

Designed and Handmade In House

All jewelry you find on yulahu are created with purpose.
They are symbols and represent special energies that one needs in different life stages.
Depending on your health and mood different minerals can give you the right energy. They are helping you on physical, psychical and also spiritual level. By combining different stones, it is possible to create a unique jewelry that is perfect for you, for your current life stage.

Please contact me if you didn´t find the materials, crystals that you are looking for. I would be more than happy to supply it to you or to make the perfect jewelry for your needs.

My Rewards

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